Wednesday, March 29, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 13 - 16

 The four turns of cycle 10/61 were largely uneventful.  The Union initiative chits were 0,0,0,3.

The Rebs besieged Ft Pickens down on the Gulf of Mexico.  
It would take the Union four weeks (turns) to get there...

I decided there was better things to do and succeeded in grabbing Savannah.
Perhaps it's a bit too early to march on Augusta, but it sure is tempting.

In the West it was mainly consolidation.
The Rebs are intent on holding Union City.

And in the East I got busy repairing the railroads.

The production system at the start of the 11/61 cycle.
We reordered things to align with the cycle dates.

The Rebs are building too, but not so much.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 9 to 12

Yesterday's post was retitled to Turns 1 to 8 as that was the number we had played.  It just seemed longer.

Today we started with the Strategic turn for 9/61 (the ninth four week period in 1861).

Union Builds for 9/61.
Plenty of manpower but running short on supplies.

Reb production.
How ever bad it is for the Union it is worse for the Rebs.

The Union force at Harper's Ferry succumbed to hunger.
The whole of the Union almost ran out of supplies (one of the more fiddly and unpredictable aspects of the game is how much supplies your army consumes each cycle).

On his own initiative General Lyon moved a big division to Cairo.

And in another display of unusual initiative, 
General Steale sailed down and occupied Wilmington.

After securing St Louis, the challenge is now to collect the army together.
The Union river flotilla should put an end to Reb expansion in the West.

Not much is happening.
The Union initiative chits were 0,1,0,0.
The Rebs were busy deploying to defend their coastline.

The Union build for cycle 10/61.  
I'm rather pleased, and surprised, at the amount of cavalry I have been able to build.

The Rebs are expected to be able to field more troops sooner than the Union,
but will it do them any good?

War Between The States - Turns 1 to 8

A classic SPI monster game and when Simon suggested we give it a go I jumped at the chance.

The Rebs start the war by crossing the state border and cutting the railway line near Baltimore.
The Union have no initiative.

The Reb cavalry continue their vandalism of the northern railways.
The Union sail troops to protect Ft Monroe.

And in the West the Union try to cover the approaches to St Louis.
A force has been sailed to Cairo.
(I sent the 3-3 Infantry.  Big mistake, I should have sent a 4-2 militia)

Turn three and the Union just watch the Reb cavalry tearing up the railways.
Shares in railway repair companies surge to all time high.

Out in the West the Union try and keep an eye on the Reb cavalry.

The Union force at Harper's Ferry is hungry.

The noose tightens on the Rebs out west.

The Union force at Harper's Ferry suffer severely from supply attrition.
I had decided it was best to leave them there and hope for the best in the fertile Shenandoah valley.
I didn't have the initiative to move them anyway...
The Rebs have sealed off Fort Monroe.

In an amazing spurt of initiative, the Union trap the Rebs against the river.

In the East very little happens.

But back in the West the Rebs have a lucky escape, but have to leave behind their supply wagons.

The last two turns so the Union with absolutely no initiative whatsoever.  Zilch!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Soviet Deliberate Attack to End the Great Patriotic War

Today Richard and I used his fabulous 15mm collection to stage Scenario #4 of Blitzkrieg Commander: Deliberate Attack.  I went the Soviets and had twelve turns to secure three objectives.

The Soviets massed for the attack.

My plan was for the assault engineers to go in first on the right.

The Nazi position looked sparse, but backed by some wunder weapons.

With the exception of the roads, all terrain was at least partial cover, if not hard cover.
We do have a house rule that units in hardcover that engage in fire, lose the cover's benefits.

My elite assault force failed its first activation.

The armour also stalled.

The CinC took over and ordered the armour forward.

Unsupported by infantry, this is what happened.

Next turn and still the assault engineers fail to activate.

On my left, where I had planned to go slow, I made good progress.

Unlike on the left which again failed to activate.

Turn Four was a litany of command failure.

But on the left flank, once contact was made, 
Soviet mortars made short work of the defenders.

Finally things get moving.

However a close assault in the centre is repulsed.

The left flank bog down again with commands just not getting through.

And then this...

A command blunder sees the Soviet armour pull back.
Where's the NKVD when you need them?

But in no time the tanks were back at the barricade.

And the assault engineers were doing their thing house to house.

But it was hard going.

Soviet armour at the barricade was held up by this monster for a good while.

The way was clear for the Soviet armour to rush the bridge,
sadly the order did not get through.

And on the right the Soviets almost reached the objective,
but were held back by the concentrated desperate fire of the Hitler Youth.

And so close on the left...

Two of the Nazi commands had broken, but without the Soviets reaching any of the objectives the game was a draw.

BKC is a funny abstract system, but it certainly works.

Thanks Richard for organising the game.  It's great to see all those fabulous minis on the table.